( Wednesday, May 02, 2007 )


For some reason, no matter how frustrating they become, I keep buying and sticking with white socks. I'm not even sure why. I'll wear black if the situation demands it (for example, a fancy dinner where there is a chance someone might catch me breaking the Great & Unquestionable Formal Dress Code). But grey -- no way. And pink -- well, that's just not right. So that leaves me with white (yeah, I know that there were other colours that I didn't mention, but I think I covered the general categories, ok?).

But I'm telling you, laundry day is horrible. Basically what happens is I dump the large white pile of clean socks on my bed and leave it there for a few days. Sure, I'll move it around if I need to, say, get under the covers or find a clean pair to wear the next day. But trying to match up white socks is horrible. 'Why,' you ask, 'is it so hard to match up white socks?' I'll tell you why: because they all have different wear patterns, and there are few things worse than pairing a good sock with a solid sole to a well-used, semi-disintegrating one. Clearly one of the two is going to be more comfortable, and that just will not do. I'm either cozy on both feet, or uncomfortable on both feet. None of this, "Cozy on one, uncomfortable on the other" business. Not me for me, thank you very much.

I've started to branch out and get socks with a blue or black stripe on them, which helps. But the problem doesn't really change because I'll match those ones up right away--so I can wear them right away--and then still be left with the orphaned hundreds.

I need to hire someone to take care of this for me, I think.


Anonymous The wise & aged one (dad) said...

I believe that would be called a 'wife'. Hmmmm.........?

11:47 PM  

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