( Sunday, March 04, 2007 )

Oh, The Shame

We find a new reason, a new way of living and we breathe it in and try to dream again.
--Cloud Room, ‘Hey Now Now’

I realize I missed my dutiful report last Sunday. I apologize. It was a weird day, and last week was a weird week. And by weird, I mean strange. And by strange, I mean not-normal. And by not-normal, I mean...actually, I don't know what I mean. It was what it was.

But I feel responsible for spreading the new words I learn. I didn't sleep at all last week as the weight of my guilt for not posting one haunted/taunted me. *Weeping* I can't live like that anymore. I just can't. So please, please, forgive me, and accept the following word as my peace offering.

sagacious \suh-GAY-shus\, adjective:

1. Of keen penetration and judgment; discerning and judicious; knowing; shrewd; wise.

As I have nothing else productive to say at this point, I would like to direct you to two websites:

1. Pandora.com. Since discovering it a few days ago, I've fallen somewhat in love with it. To use it much you have to register, and to register you need a U.S. zip code (if you don't have one, go here). But it's fantastic. Give it a name of a band or song you like, and it'll play songs for you that are similar. I've found some great new music already through this puppy.

2. Since moving to Ontario last summer, I've been going to this church called The Meeting House. It's an awesome church. I love it. I found out a little while ago that their sermons are all uploaded as podcasts, and last time I checked, they were in the top ranks of the Spiritual/Religious category on iTunes. They're really good, and I'd recommend them to anyone. Now, I'm the last person who'd willingly chose to listen to sermons in his spare time, but since being at this church I've been eating them up. I've been challenged in a lot of important ways, and forced to rethink a lot of stuff I used to just take for granted as basic beliefs. (I was just listening to July 23's, about Gideon and our obsession with "Christianized magic"...great stuff.)


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