( Thursday, February 24, 2011 )

Well, Fancy That...

In a strange but fitting turn of events, I "stumbled upon" this site today: The 9 Best Sesame Street Guest Appearances.

(The two clips with Ricky Gervais and the one with Adam Sandler are my favourites, but they're all good/interesting in their own way.)

( Monday, February 14, 2011 )

The End of Productivity

StumbleUpon may just be the greatest Internet invention ever. Yes, better than Facebook, better than e-mail, better than online banking. Better, even, than Google.

A wild, indefensible claim? A wreckless and misleading argument? An excessive use of exaggeration? Maybe. But how else would I have discovered these nuggets of electronic gold?
You should sign up. Really, you should. It's pretty much amazing.

( Tuesday, February 08, 2011 )

Brought to You By the Letter "A"-wesome

I recently purchased what I consider to be one of the finest published works of the last, oh, 100 years. Quite a claim, you say. I need not defend that statement. The pictures speak for themselves.

(I wondered what had happened to Bruno. And now I know. RIP Puppet Garbage Man.)

(Yeah. There's a whole two-page spread about Tina Fey. Just when you think the book couldn't get any more amazing.)

(Oh, and they even answer that age old question:)

Total cost for this masterpiece? $12. Chapters.
Do it.