( Wednesday, February 21, 2007 )

All Of A Sudden I Miss Everybody

I don't care who you have to kill, who you have to marry, who you have to rob, or who you have to sleep with (well, ok, I do care), go buy Explosions In The Sky's new CD, All Of A Sudden I Miss Everybody (get the two-disc, if you can).

I am in love with this band. Listening to them causes me to have some seriously strong urges to run out into the streets and kiss random strangers and make babies with them (well, I mean, after we get to know each a little better and whatnot).

I can't explain it. I mean, do you ever listen to music, maybe a particular band or a specific song, and it feels like every cell, every nerve in your body suddenly switches on and at 100% capacity? That's what their music does to me. It makes me feel alive. And not just that, but happy to be alive, excited about being alive, addicted to being alive. It's a fantastic feeling.

Epilogue: Speaking of feeling alive, I've mentioned it before but I might as well say it again (consider this part of my unofficial Will & Testament) -- I want to have "Your Hand In Mine" by Explosions In the Sky played at my funeral.


Blogger The Steckly's said...

Okay, talk about a small world.
i was talking to Dillon the other day and he mentioned that Steph is engaged..how did he know? because she is engaged to the older brother of a girl I went to school with!! She is still at PRBI and that is how Dillon knows her. Congrats Steph!!!
Also I will be sure to check out that cd...although I'll have to refrain myself...I think I've made enough babies in the last little while. need a break

3:33 AM  
Blogger the Stewart said...

That's right! I'd completely forgotten, but I did know that (I met his sister, and she mentioned going to PRBI and knowing you guys). That is hilarious.

(And now I have "It's A Small World Afterall" on continuous playback in my head. It's making me sad, and and a little bit queasy too.)

4:15 AM  

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