( Monday, January 22, 2007 )

6 Bits of Useless Information + 1 Joke

In lieu of the big, long post on the one big, long topic I was going to write about, I'm just going to share a bunch of itty bitty things that don't deserve their own big, long post.

1. I have fallen in love with Frasier. The TV show. I realize that the show has been canceled for awhile now, and I realize I have a bad habit of falling in love with shows after they've been retired. Example: Arrested Development (one of the greatest shows ever made); NewsRadio (another one of the greatest shows ever made); FireFly (maybe you saw the movie-based-on-the show, Serenity? That's how I discovered it); and Seinfeld (and I know I don't have to tell you how great that show was).

When I was visiting my family at Christmas, my little sister had bought the first season of Frasier. I knew nothing about it, really, except having seen a bit of one episode a long time ago (though I remembered thinking it was really funny), so I was kind of surprised she liked it. Anyway, having nothing to do for a couple weeks, I watched it. And now I'm addicted. What a great show. I also discovered that up until Ray Romano took the title, Kelsey Grammer (ie. Frasier) was the highest paid actor on TV (he was making $1.9 million per episode). And I also learned that Moses (ie. Eddie, the dog) received the most fan mail of all the actors on the show. (To tell you the truth, he makes me want to have a dog...)

2. A friend from school lent me a couple DVD's that have completely altered my perception of what comedy TV can be. Maybe you've seen the movie Shaun of the Dead? Well, I love it. And so does my friend. So when he was in Europe last summer, he discovered this little show called Spaced, an only-aired-in-Britain creation of the comedy genius that is Simon Pegg. Actually, to be more specific, it is the comedy genius of all those responsible for Shaun of the Dead. Directors, actors, producers, all of 'em. And it is amazing. It has the look and feel of a British soap-opera (Coronation Street, anyone?) but the funnyness of nothing else I've seen. I almost had to punch myself in the face to stop laughing so hard. Thankfully it only took a couple of broken fingers.

3. I recently finished reading a book that changed my life. Or really, it affirmed my life. My dad bought it for me before I left to come back to school. And let me tell you, it was beautiful timing. It's actually the topic of a much longer post, so I'll hold off talking about it. Something to leave you with, though: taking into consideration my deep loathing for self-help/motivational books, it might surprise you that this book is called "Success Built To Last: Creating A Life That Matters"--and it is amazing.

4. I've been listening to a lot of new music lately, and I've found some really good stuff (which, translated into Japanese and then translated back into English, reads: I've also found some really bad stuff). One band that I just heard a couple days ago that's worth checking out is called Future of Forestry. Go their myspace and listen to the song Twilight (do it now, damnit!). It's pretty great.

5. Someone just told me that when you get brain freeze, if you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth it will go away almost immediately. I haven't had the chance to test it out, but if any of you do, let me know if it works. I'm hopeful, though somewhat skeptical. But if it's true it could revolutionize the ice cream industry.

6. A quote worth quoting (and yes, I like quotes. And yes, I realize I quote a lot):

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

--Helen Keller

7. A joke I've told way too much in the last couple of days, but that I need to publicly tell once more (before I store it away in my internal catalogue of horrible jokes that, delivered with the right intensity, will make anyone laugh):

Q: What do you call a bee that gives milk?
A: A boo-bee!

(Note: I should probably admit to you that I stole it from The Megan Mullally Show. I wish I could take credit for that bit of greatness, but I can't. I'm sorry.)


Blogger Dan said...

Yeah, Frasier's pretty wicked. I've always been a fan. It gets better with time too. Just wait till the last season, when Laura Linney joins the cast. Man! So good!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Kelsey said...

I've never seen Frasier. But whever I meet people, they either hear my name and think "Kelsey Grammar" or they see my hair and yell "Tatu!!!!"

And I love FireFly!! It is my second favourite sci fi program, second only to Battlestar Galactica.


(Serenity could have been better, though)

5:24 PM  

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