( Tuesday, November 07, 2006 )


For some reason (also read: Because they hate me,) Blogger deleted one of my posts, without so much as a warning (eg. "Dear Kyle, we are deleting your post. Love Blogger.").

But instead of trying to remember what I said and rewrite it, I'll give you the gist:

There's a really interesting, thought-provoking website called MySecret.tv - people post their confessions on all kinds of topics, such as addictions, eating disorders, gambling, porn, adultery, etc. And they don't hide behind euphemisms either - they just spill their guts.

What I personally liked about the site was that, unlike other websites with similar concepts, it didn't feel over-sensationalized. It's pretty raw - really hurting people writing about their failures. I spent a couple hours the other night reading a lot of them, and it really broke my heart. Which, like I said in my other post that was horribly and mercilessly deleted, I think I needed.

(You know, that was pretty much exactly what I wrote the first time. Amazing.)


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