( Monday, January 08, 2007 )

The Emptiness of Empty People

Why is there a hierarchy of emotion? Why do we feel comfortable showing happiness or anger or pride, but sadness is taboo? Why is vulnerability viewed as weakness? Who made these unwritten and usually unspoken laws about what is or is not acceptable for a man to reveal to the world of himself?

We are born into a culture of sterilized emotion. We live and die on the surface of things. There are very few who choose to spite political correctness and social acceptability and live a life of outright passion, in happiness and sadness, anger and pain, fear and hope.

To live in the deepest parts of life is to choose a martyrs death. In a world of shallow people, people who exist only in the image they live to create, substance is terrifying. It shows no concern for appearances. It gives no shelter to laziness. It refuses to let up when the pain of truth seems to rip one's heart to unidentifiable pieces. Yet without it--to chose a life of superficialities and show--all is meaningless.

Who has the strength to choose a life of honesty? To cry when they are sad, smile when they are happy, yell when they are angry, without embarrassment or fear of offense? To move to the actions of their heart, not the dictation of their neighbors shallowness?

Who are we if we can not be allowed to feel without shame? We are empty people.


Blogger Davey Jones said...

well cheer up coach Z
life doesn't have to be
creepy and depressing all the tiiiime!

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Kelsey said...

Well written, Monsieur Kyle.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous brooke said...

hear, hear! I for one am an abnormally cheerful person, and I have to catch myself when I succumb to the always happy all the time persona people assume I am. maybe that's one the reasons I listen to so many melancholy tunes-its carthatic to express my emotions by listening to a song. its also because I fear releasing those emotions on others.
hm. thanks for something to chew on

2:46 PM  

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