( Sunday, November 26, 2006 )

A Pre-Real Post

So much for posting regularly. My problem, as with everything, is that I get too many ideas I want to write about, but when it comes time to actually sitting down and organizing myself and structuring my thoughts, I get too overwhelmed and then don't even bother starting. Bah.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, some real posts are coming. But it's the last couple weeks of school and there is much to be done.

Also, I have music. On my blog.
That's right--music.

And no, it isn't set to autoplay (obviously, since there is no music playing), because I despise websites with autoplay. There's nothing like being in a public place, going to a website with autoplay, and discovering that the computer you are using has the volume set to "Maximum Destruction Possible". It's just awkward.

I was first using this program called Stickam, but it was so horrible I would cry myself to sleep on a semi-regular basis. So I smartened up, got radio.blog, found a good (read: free) web host (if you're looking, check out this one), and voila -- some music to listen to while you critique my soul...er, posts.

Be back soon...


Blogger Dan said...

Dude, I have the same problem with my blog (which is why the last post was around mid-october). Maybe if you post something, I will. Then you can show everyone my blog and say, "see that post? I inspired that!" Unless it's bad. Then you don't have to show people.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I just found this blog. I like it. Perhaps you would like to join me in my astronomical rise to the top.


12:42 PM  
Anonymous Brooke said...

yes- the music is nice. thank you.
and a male version of "Why Bother?" - you've just elected yourself. You are quite skillfull with words and I imagine you might also have the experience to back it up. Plus I'll link you from my blog if you do. how's that for motivation?

9:12 PM  
Blogger Ang said...

Kyle, I'm so glad to see you're back in action (for a while now, but this is the first time I've been to your blog.) Glad to hear you're alive and kicking.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So..um..when's the next post?!

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Kelsey said...

I was kinda wonderin the same thing! "Pre" implies that there is something to follow... ah frick I just got lemon juice in my eye...

Post! Post! Post! Post! *angry mob*

Ok no I know you like to take your time. I just hope you're not, like, dead.

8:09 PM  

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