( Sunday, January 18, 2009 )

Voting: Your Democratic Responsibility

A little while ago my sister submitted a photo she'd taken in Edmonton, Alberta, to a local photo competition. As it turns out, it was nominated for voting!

So, I think you should go take a look, sign up, and vote for it. Those who vote and report back to me will receive one free -- delicious -- cookie in the mail*.

You can see the photos here (hers is the b & w photo of the balcony/walkway -- the fifth one down, I think). In order to cast a vote, you need to sign up to the boards, but it's quick and painless. You can register here.

Do it. I know you want to.

(*Pending lawsuit re: the last batch.)


Blogger Matthew said...

You never call.
I miss you.
Where are you?

10:09 PM  

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