( Friday, January 18, 2008 )

One of the most insidious maladies of our time [is]: the tendency in most of us to observe rather than act, avoid rather than participate, not do rather than do; the tendency to give in to the sly, negative, cautionary voices that constantly counsel us to be careful, to be controlled, to be wary and prudent and hesitant and guarded in our approach of this complicated thing called living.

--Arthur Gordon (A Touch of Wonder)


Anonymous Dad said...

Hey - home sick & was checking out your blog - haven't done that since I started working the 2nd job. This one really hit me - ouch - hmmmm - now I've been hit, what do I do with it? This requires a responce of change!

By the way - your blogs are very thought provoking.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Steph.s said...

like the changes to the page!!! Gonna add new stuff soon?? :)

1:13 AM  

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