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Gentlemen, nature works in a mysterious way. When a new truth comes upon the earth, or a great idea necessary for mankind is born, where does it come from? Not from the police force or the prosecuting attorneys or the judges or the lawyers or the doctors; not there. It comes from the despised and the outcast; it comes perhaps from jails and prisons; it comes from men who have dared to be rebels and think their thoughts; and their fate has been the fate of rebels. This generation gives them graves while another builds them monuments; there is no exception to it. It has been true since the world began, and it will be true no doubt forever.

--Clarence Darrow (1920)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be a rebel! To dare to think, to do, to be - different. To pursue what you 'believe' despite what society thinks. To go against the grain, to swim upstream rather then going with the 'flow', the 'easy' way. And to suffer for it. Do we have what it takes? Do we have the 'bal....opps - not politically correct language - ls' (just a little to 'earthy'). Ah, that is the question!!

Oh Lord, my I have what it takes to live for you and not the world, to stand and be counted, to make a difference and not to be 'pressed into the mold of this world'!


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